Smart 3D: Who we are

We are video and 3D experts, people with a passion for video, imaging and the marketing benefits that come from this use of these extraordinary mediums.

Whilst we refer to our ‘technicians’ and ‘operatives’ throughout the site, we are actually real people:

An eclectic range of experienced media executives, videographers, photographers, and camera nerds with a passion for technology and an excitement for what it can bring to our industry and our clients.

Smart3D works with a small core staff of experienced marketing and media professionals to offer 3D and video marketing opportunities to businesses across Northern Ireland and beyond.

Our core team is:

Paul Connolly

Managing Director of our parent company SmartVideo Ltd, Paul is an experienced and award-winning media professional with a track record in video production, video marketing and journalism dating back more than 25 years. Check out his LinkedIn profile

Contact: paul.connolly at

Paul Marshall

Tech geek, photo/videographer, part-time uni lecturer, designer of Stomp’s LFO and survivor of Dragon’s Den, Paul has been 3D modelling for 15+ years and shooting video & photo for several decades. Paul has MBA and MFA and operates where arts meet business.

Contact: paul at