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  • Paul Connolly

Latest 3D technology can help NI firms attract customers and save time & money, says local company

NI companies can save time and money by fully embracing new technologies like 3D and VR, according to a local firm.

Smart3D says a wide range of sectors, from property to construction and retail, can also use the latest 3D cameras to drive customers to websites, landing pages and online stores.

The latest cameras generate sophisticated 3D models that can be embedded on websites and used to create a wealth of promotional content including 2D images, video, gifs and 360 videos.

The best cameras also have features that allow multimedia content to be embedded within the 3D models - these links can be to videos, products, booking forms or any range of online business tools.

Smart3D, a division of SmartVideo Ltd, is a Belfast-based company whose aim is to use 3D scanning and multi-media content to help businesses throughout Northern Ireland innovate their service offerings and attract new customers.

Their specialised 3D imaging is an affordable reality capture tool that creates virtual tours that allow you to not just walk through buildings, but also to take measurable data and images from any angle.

This allows businesses to:

* Embed the tour on websites - and link products to online stores

* Create video fly-throughs for marketing

* Extract architect-style schematic 2D floor-plans

* Extract unlimited photos from any angle

* Share the model with clients or sub-contractors

* Import into programmes like AutoCAD

* Attract customers by posting the space to Google StreetView.

With use-cases in property, architecture, construction, interior design, retail, travel & hospitality and more, the use of 3D imaging and video is a great way to impress clients, streamline documentation, simplify collaboration and market successfully.

The specialised 3D camera creates a complete, immersive 3D model that can be annotated, shared and exported to the likes of CAD software.

It is much quicker and cheaper than 3D laser scanning and better than using handheld scanners. With accuracy to 98%, Smart3D is perfect for creating as-built models, sharing with bidders like sub-contractors, site documentation or before/after marketing.

Paul Connolly, managing director of Smart3D said: “Technology continues to develop at pace and companies need to utilise this to maintain a competitive edge.

“Why just use 2D photos to show what the house you are selling looks like when a 3D scan can show them what it actually feels like?

“We can now offer 3D scans from £125 - allowing companies to take advantage of these powerful new tools.”

Smart3D’s parent company, SmartVideo Ltd, has been making videos in Northern Ireland since 2014 with a focus on video marketing as well as video production.

SmartVideo’s managing director is former journalist Paul Connolly, an ex-managing editor of the Belfast Telegraph and a former member of the board of the UK Society of Editors.


Smart3D recently scanned one of Belfast’s busiest and lively pubs, The Harp Bar, to showcase its new extension.

The 3D scan allows the public to explore the new ‘Orpheus’ lounge as well as the existing bar in immersive, life-like detail and get a real feel for everything it has to offer.

The scan uses 2D and infra-red to produce a 3D model of the bar, complete with ‘dollhouse’ view and tags for inserting links, video and other information.

Ronan McLaughlin, the Harp Bar manager said: “It’s a truly beautiful bar packed with the finest memorabilia and antique furnishings and we were delighted with the sheer level of detail in the Smart3D scan.

“It was very interesting to see innovations like how video can be inserted into the 3D model to further explain the story of the Harp Bar.

“Both the Harp and the Orpheus have fascinating histories and these are reflected in the 3D model.”